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PERL-5.10 U:\>perl
use strict; use warnings;
my @array = 1..100;
print join(", ", @array) =~ s/(\d+, ){3}/$&\n/gr;
Bareword found where operator expected at - line 3, near "s/(\d+, ){3}/$&\n/gr"
Can't modify join or string in substitution (s///) at - line 3, near "s/(\d+, ){3}/$&\n/gr"
syntax error at - line 3, near "s/(\d+, ){3}/$&\n/gr"
Execution of - aborted due to compilation errors.

Die Option r bei Regex gibt es in Perl 5.10.1 nicht. Siehe
Die existiert erst in 5.14.
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