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Und ├╝brigens hast du Quotemining betieben:

page-21 ┬ž4.4. The Script Command Line:
Some systems support a method for supplying an array of strings to
the CGI script. This is only used in the case of an 'indexed' HTTP
query, which is identified by a 'GET' or 'HEAD' request with a URI
query string that does not contain any unencoded "=" characters. For
such a request, the server SHOULD treat the query-string as a
search-string and parse it into words, using the rules

Code: (dl )
      search-string = search-word *( "+" search-word )
search-word = 1*schar
schar = unreserved | escaped | xreserved
xreserved = ";" | "/" | "?" | ":" | "@" | "&" | "=" | "," |

After parsing, each search-word is URL-decoded, optionally encoded in
a system-defined manner and then added to the command line argument

If the server cannot create any part of the argument list, then the
server MUST NOT generate any command line information. For example,
the number of arguments may be greater than operating system or
server limits, or one of the words may not be representable as an

The script SHOULD check to see if the QUERY_STRING value contains an
unencoded "=" character, and SHOULD NOT use the command line
arguments if it does.

Unehrlich, sehr Unehrlich.
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