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Ob das zu 7.04 ImageMagick passt weiß ich nicht.

Ich verwende derzeit die 6.89 von CPAN.

Aber die Installation muss doch auch so gehen:
Installation - Win32 Strawberry perl

On Win32 Strawberry perl the prefered way of installing PerlMagick is the

1) Download and install ImageMagick Windows binaries from

2) You HAVE TO choose dynamic (DLL) ImageMagick binaries. Note: it is not
possible to mix 32/64bit binaries of perl and ImageMagick

3) During installation select that you want to install ImageMagick's
development files (libraries+headers)

4) You NEED TO have ImageMagick's directory in your PATH. Note: we are
checking the presence of convert.exe or identify.exe tools

5) You might need Visual C++ Redistributable Package installed on your
system. See instructions on ImageMagick's Binary Release webpage.

6) If you have all prerequisites 1)...5) you can simply install
ImageMagick by running: cpan -i Image::Magick
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