Thread Unicode (ä, ö, ü in German) Problem with File::Fi (9 answers)
Opened by TeddyC at 2003-09-01 18:11

 2003-09-01 18:44
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I think I cannot help you with your problem, since I am no Windows user.
I just wanted to recommend the Perlmonks website to you. The URL is:
There you can find an English speaking board, with highly professional users. That does not mean, that I don't want you to post here anymore, but you might get better answers at Perlmonks, because most of the users of this site are German.
But of course you are welcome to post here as well...

jeden 2. mittwoch im monat
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
$l=join('',map chr,(116,110,105,114,112))if$^T;
!!$$?@_=qw(Jhfg Aabgure Prey Hnpxre):$l=1;
for(@_){eval reverse($l)."'"._(_(_($_))).' \''}
sub _{$_=~y+a-z+n-za-m+and pop}

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