explorer opens two pages at once once: heeeeeeeelp

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 2006-12-17 21:51
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guest Gast
 2006-12-17 21:24
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im trying to fix a problem which is, whenever i click internet explorer two pages open at is ok but another is a blank page with microsoft internet explorer written at the top and it keeps pushing to the front all the time.. im running internet explorer 7 with xp sp2..any ideas would be very much appreciated..thankyou
 2006-12-17 22:10
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It seems, that IE was hijacked.
Visit (english page) and post the logfile there. In case he finds a virus, you'd better reinstall windows to ensure, that the system is not corrupted...
To avoid such errors the next time visit and execute the program from there before doing ANY other internet activity after re-installing Windows (except of updating to SP2 from a trustworthy source). And use another browser ;-)

Regards MisterL
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