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Release-Kandidat für Perl 5.005_05

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 2009-02-16 18:47
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Tja, auch wenn wir mittlerweile bei Perl 5.10.x angelangt sind, werden alte Perl-Versionen immer noch gewartet. Eben kam folgende Mail von acme rein:
Perl 5.005 is a great version of Perl and still used by many people.
There have been a few distribution updates and tool changes which mean
that it no longer compiles cleanly everywhere, so I believe it's time
for another maintenance release of perl5.005, which will lead to

Please compile and make test this release candidate on as many
platforms as possible:

This is a release candidate. I'm interested in compilation fixes. I'm
not interested in fixing warnings.

It is hosted on the Perl 5 Git repository:

Which means you can see the Changes file here:

See perlrepository.pod if you want to play with Git:
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