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Hallo rosti,

natürlich habe ich in die Doku geschaut, bevor ich den Thread erstellt habe.

Hast du selbst mal in die Doku geschaut?
Hier der Auszug zu "send" in dem nichts zur Fehlerbehandlung steht:
Sends a message on a socket. Attempts to send the scalar MSG to the SOCKET filehandle. Takes the same flags as the system call of the same name. On unconnected sockets, you must specify a destination to send to, in which case it does a sendto(2) syscall. Returns the number of characters sent, or the undefined value on error. The sendmsg(2) syscall is currently unimplemented. See "UDP: Message Passing" in perlipc for examples.

Note the characters: depending on the status of the socket, either (8-bit) bytes or characters are sent. By default all sockets operate on bytes, but for example if the socket has been changed using binmode to operate with the :encoding(UTF-8) I/O layer (see open, or the open pragma), the I/O will operate on UTF-8 encoded Unicode characters, not bytes. Similarly for the :encoding layer: in that case pretty much any characters can be sent.

Wenn der Socket per Default Bytes überträgt, sollte es nicht an binären Daten liegen.
Aber was könnte es denn sonst noch sein?

Schön wäre, wenn man zumindest eine Meldung bekommen würde, warum das Senden fehlgeschlagen ist.

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